bring clean water to the world

Sisters Sell Origami To Bring Clean Water To The World

Two sisters transformed the craft of origami into a way to bring clean water to the world.  The sisters are 9 and 11 years old. Isabelle and Katherine Adams are the co-presidents of Paper for Water, a nonprofit that sells paper-folded ornaments to raise money to create clean water wells in under-resourced countries. So far, their craft raised over


off the grid

How They Live Off the Grid

About 400 people are making life off the grid to be a great way to live on this island near Vancouver, BC in Canada. Not everyone lives in a cabin.  See how some have all the pleasures of home through solar power and other innovations, while some on the island live much as you would

Mind Expanding

unbelievable coincidences

Mind Blown: 15 Unbelievable Coincidences

Lincoln and JFK are linked in strangely unbelievable ways?  Yes, and wait until you hear about the man who stopped a baby from being killed as it dropped from a high rise building once, then again a year later.  Different baby, but you get the picture. These unbelievable coincidences will make you wonder about your

Helping Others

rest home

Magic Happens When the Rest Home Combines With Preschool

Seattle is home to the Providence St. Vincent nursing home and day care center.  Young and old interact during the day at this amazing rest home and it blesses both beyond words. The children, hungry for attention, get the love, attention, and wisdom of the elderly residents.  And of course, the elderly residents, also hungry for

Healthy Living


Mistrust is Self-Fulfilling

When it comes to establishing and maintaining relationships, is it better for you to start with mistrust or to extend the benefit of the doubt with reasonable caution as you emphasize what you appreciate about another person?  The answer will determine the quality of your relationships. The Gottman’s Get It John Gottman predicts relationship longevity


coke zero and mentos

Coke Zero and Mentos Rocket Car

What do you get when you combine a bottle of Coke Zero and Mentos?  A 20 foot tall massive explosion of fun! What do you get when you combine 108 bottles of Coke Zero with 648 Mentos strapped to a car?  This research team decided to find out.  See the results below in this amazing

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