Arthur’s Inspirational Story of Transformation

inspirational story

Arthur Boorman was disabled as a result of his involvement in the Gulf War.  His doctors told him that he would never walk on his own unassisted, ever again.  He took this as fact.

He gained weight.  He got depressed.  He ended up where so many of us end up, stuck.  Most Yoga instructors turned him away, seeing him as a lost cause.

Except for one.

Arthur’s Inspirational Story Turning Point

The Yoga instructor believed in him although he wasn’t sure how to help him.  The instructor was Diamond Dallas Page.

Arthur fell many times.  This wasn’t an easy journey out.  Yet he persisted because of his commitment and the encouragement of his Yoga instructor.

Just before the 4 minute mark, watch Arthur show the world what he can do now!

This inspirational story will bring you to tears and will inspire you to persist.  See it below.

The Most Inspiring Story This Year



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