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bring clean water to the world

Sisters Sell Origami To Bring Clean Water To The World

Sisters Sell Origami To Bring Clean Water To The World

Two sisters transformed the craft of origami into a way to bring clean water to the world.  The sisters are 9 and 11 years old. Isabelle and Katherine Adams are the co-presidents of Paper for Water, a nonprofit that sells paper-folded ornaments to raise money to create clean water wells in under-resourced countries. So far, their craft raised over

chris pratt

Chris Pratt Versus Dinosaur Expert: Hilarious

Young Noah Ritter, a six year old boy who loves dinosaurs, went toe-to-toe with Chris Pratt on Ellen in a knowledge contest you will delight to see. How did Chris Pratt do?  Chris was a gracious straight man to the amazing Noah Ritter who was hilarious in this excellent video clip. Chris Pratt Versus the Noah

funny babies laughing

Funny Babies Laughing Will Brighten Any Dark Day

Just as the sound of a baby’s cry hurts our ears and moves us to action, the sound of a baby’s laughter will brighten any dark day.  Let it brighten yours right now. This compilation of babies laughing centers around dogs and bubbles.  For some reason, babies love both. Funny Babies Laughing Will Make You

make yourself happy

How to Make Yourself Happy

The father of positive psychology Martin Seligman, explains how anyone can be happier in an excellent interview captured below.  What creates happiness, especially authentic happiness? Is It Money? It turns out that the extremes tend to be unhappy.  Those in deep poverty are unhappy as you might expect, but so are those who have chased

4 Crucial Keys to Unstoppable Resilience

Research confirms at least 4 crucial keys to unstoppable resilience, the kind of come-back power that astonishes even the most skeptic critics.  These crucial keys have been shown to be helpful regardless of the situation including incarceration, physical loss or damage, childhood trauma or unwanted change. What has the research taught us? 1- Supportive Relationships Numerous

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