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new senses

Creating New Senses for Humans Who Need Them

Can you really create new senses, new ways of sensing the world in humans, especially your hearing, sight or other sense has failed?  Would you believe, yes? David Eagleman delivers one of the most powerful TED Talks you may ever hear on how his research team is developing new senses, new ways of sensing the

shipping container homes

Shipping Container Homes Are Amazing

Who knew that a 10×20 ft shipping container could be such a good starting place for a home? Shipping container homes are growing in popularity for a number of reasons.  First, they recycle something that otherwise would end up as garbage.  Second, they are less expensive.  You can own and occupy them for a fraction

heart in a box

Heart in a Box Saves Lives

Rob Evans needs a new heart.  He is like thousands of others who are waiting for a new heart via a heart transplant.  But one thing is different with the heart he is about to receive; a breakthrough technology has kept the donor heart beating in a special box designed to keep the heart beating

inventions changing the world

5 Inventions Changing the World

Innovation is the lifeblood of the future.  These 5 inventions will make us rethink the world we live in. For example, can you imagine a food printer?  Yes, that’s the first invention in this interesting list of inventions.  From pet inventions that will save animals to bike theft safety, these cool inventions are new realities

electric surfboard

The Electric Surfboard is Now a Reality

Who needs to wait for a wave to ride when you have your own power with an electric surfboard? They run almost silently given that they are powered by an electric motor.  They travel at a little over 30 miles an hour and look like a lot of fun. The catch?  The electric charge lasts only

mind power

Real Mind Power Revealed!

Is it true that we all have untapped mind power that can heal, set paper on fire, or move objects?  Yes, and more! First of all, if you’re wondering if chi energy is real, watch what this energy healer in China does with his patients.  Fascinating!  Then watch him set a piece of paper on

inventions make our life easier

5 Inventions Make Our Life Easier

From an incredibly life-like virtual reality system to a $9 computer, these really cool inventions are game changers. These five inventions make our life easier. Could you improve your garden if you had a senor that helped you know when to water, add fertilizer or make other adjustments given the type of plant and climate? Be

car that runs on air

Meet the Car That Runs on Air

Meet the car that runs on air and water.  This is real.  It’s not a joke or internet rumor.  This is an actual car made by a startup company in Israel that runs on air and water.  And it gets 1000 miles per tank. How does it work? Bloomberg’s Middle East Business Editor Elliott Gotkine

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