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Mistrust is Self-Fulfilling

Mistrust is Self-Fulfilling

When it comes to establishing and maintaining relationships, is it better for you to start with mistrust or to extend the benefit of the doubt with reasonable caution as you emphasize what you appreciate about another person?  The answer will determine the quality of your relationships. The Gottman’s Get It John Gottman predicts relationship longevity

make gratitude your attitude

How to Make Gratitude Your Attitude

We all know that gratitude is a good thing.  We all crave the appreciation that comes from those who see the best in us, who express their gratitude for our contribution to their lives.  Be that person for others.  But more importantly, if you want this from others, start by being your own best friend.


Optimism is Good for Your Health

If you embrace optimism as a lifestyle, you know why researchers have found that optimists are sick less and live longer than pessimists. But what exactly is optimism?  The word “optimism” comes from the Latin word optimus, meaning “best,” which is what optimists look for in situations and people.  They tend to believe, expect or hope

off the grid

How They Live Off the Grid

About 400 people are making life off the grid to be a great way to live on this island near Vancouver, BC in Canada. Not everyone lives in a cabin.  See how some have all the pleasures of home through solar power and other innovations, while some on the island live much as you would


The Science of Resilience

We all need to understand resilience because we all experience loss, setbacks, and change that rocks our world.  No one is immune from this. Yet science reveals so key insights that anyone can learn to be more resilient. For example, each positive thought creates momentum that helps to move us out of emotional ditches.  A

self love

Daring Experiment in Self Love

She stripped down to her underwear in a busy marketplace to make a point we all need to get; that we are all worthy of love and to ditch the idea that we must have a perfect body to experience self love. What did she do?  She did something that I wouldn’t do; wearing only

speaking up

Why Speaking Up Is Your Best Choice

If you could say anything to anyone, what would you say? When asked, most people share issues they know would hurt the feelings of others.  They know that if they speak up, they can expect emotional reactions, a damaged relationship, and a lot of drama. But they’re not seeing the full picture. If we don’t

back to eden

Incredible Back to Eden Gardening Method

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  He uses 95% less water than other gardeners, works a lot less, yet grows organic fruits and vegetables that are simply amazing!  How? Welcome to Back to Eden gardening. First let me say, I hated gardening as a kid.  I was forced to till our family garden to remove endless

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