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Magic Happens When the Rest Home Combines With Preschool

Magic Happens When the Rest Home Combines With Preschool

Seattle is home to the Providence St. Vincent nursing home and day care center.  Young and old interact during the day at this amazing rest home and it blesses both beyond words. The children, hungry for attention, get the love, attention, and wisdom of the elderly residents.  And of course, the elderly residents, also hungry for

whales tale

Fishermen Help Whale

The whale kept coming up to the surface as if it needed help.  This got the fishermen’s attention.  Then they saw what the whale needed help with; some trash was stuck on its back. They moved to action.  Watch what the whale does after getting help from the fishermen. Fishermen Helping a Whale

urban gardening

He’s Changing South LA Through Urban Gardening

Ron Finley believes that drive-throughs are killing more people than drive-bys.  South Los Angeles has a diabetes rate five times higher than neighboring cities.  He believes the answer is in access to fresh, organically grown food, grown in the vast vacant lots available in LA.  And the idea of urban gardening is taking root. (Pun intended)

get inspired

Get Inspired to Help Others

Most of us see under resourced people every day.  There’s no shortage of them.  They all have different story, a different reason for being in the situation they’re in.  The fact is, we don’t know why they’re homeless on the streets, just that they are. What are we to do about it? Get inspired to

gorilla reunion

The Shocking Gorilla Reunion

Damian Aspinall wanted to find the gorilla he helped raise in the Howletts Wild Animal Park in England.  At age 5, the gorilla had become increasingly violent and they decided to relocate him to the African jungle in the forests of Gabon, West Africa. Five years after the gorilla Kiwi was released, Damian searched for

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