Commitment: Are You “In?”




Photo: Ed Schipul

Commitment: Being In

Can you be kind of committed?  Perhaps but call it something other than commitment.  You’re inclined to be committed.  You’d like to be committed.  You hope to be committed.

Are you committed to a goal or dream?  How would you know?  The answer might be more simple than you realize.

Think about a time you were fully committed to something.  Not doing the thing you were committed to doing was not an option.  The exit ships were burned.  You simply didn’t entertain any other alternatives other than your commitment.  Remember that time and your mindset.  Get in that mindset for a goal that perhaps doesn’t carry that level of commitment right now.

Be in.  There’s really no other way to think about commitment.


A friend wanted to start a new project.  I ask him to describe his level of commitment, 1 being not really and 10 being fully committed.  He said he was at an 8.  That’s fair.

I asked him what it would take to move his 8 to a 10.  He paused and said, just me.  That’s when his commitment moved to new levels.  He simply decided to commit at a 10 level.  And he did.

Your Current Commitment Level

How is your commitment level on a project, goal, or situation?  What number would you put on it?  Be honest and fair.  Just notice what number it is.

Now ask yourself what a commitment level of 10 would look like and what you could do to move it there.  Usually it’s simply a decision but sometimes there are risks or other factors that need mitigation before you feel like you can fully commit.

Get in the habit of living your life with a commitment level of 10.  It’s more, seems to engage our hearts more fully, and because of that, we experience more energy in all we do.



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