Daring Experiment in Self Love

self love

She stripped down to her underwear in a busy marketplace to make a point we all need to get; that we are all worthy of love and to ditch the idea that we must have a perfect body to experience self love.

What did she do?  She did something that I wouldn’t do; wearing only her underwear, she invited people to draw on her body to see how they would react.  The result is nothing short of amazing. See it below.

Do you love yourself?  It’s a choice.  If you don’t, ask yourself what standard needs to be met in order to feel self love.  Mostly likely the standard comes from others, usually a parent, popular culture or someone other than you.  Once you’ve uncovered the standard you are not meeting, decide right now to love yourself unconditionally.  You’ve already met the only real standard; you just are lovable because you are.

Give yourself the love you want from others; unconditional, respectful, ever hopeful love.  Because you are.

Self Love Put to the Test

Sara Hall’s Self Love Meditation

Here is an excellent guided imagery mediation for helping your deeper mind, your subconscious, align with your decision to love yourself unconditionally.



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