How Healthy People Navigate Toxic People

toxic people

When you read the title that included “toxic people,” something came to your mind.  Complainers?  Those who focus on what isn’t working?  The highly critical?  The perpetual victims?  Those who chose to be unhappy most of the time regardless of how blessed they are?  Those who first believe the worst about you when few facts are known?  Yes, all of the above describe defining characteristics of toxic people.

Toxic people think illogically but do so for emotional reasons.  They feel better about believing things won’t work out so they’re not as disappointed.  That’s illogical when you consider all opinions about an outcome are speculation until you actually succeed.  Think about it; you really never know if you can or can’t until you actually do.   So then why the negativity that toxic people seem to love?  It meets an emotional need.

But to the point, what if a toxic person is in your life and you have few options other than to find a way to navigate life with them?  How can you maintain your sanity in the face of serious negativity?  Here are 5 ways of protecting yourself in the face of toxic negativity of a spouse, coworker, boss or friend.

What is the first and probably most important action?

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