Shipping Container Homes Are Amazing

shipping container homes

Who knew that a 10×20 ft shipping container could be such a good starting place for a home?

Shipping container homes are growing in popularity for a number of reasons.  First, they recycle something that otherwise would end up as garbage.  Second, they are less expensive.  You can own and occupy them for a fraction of what traditional construction costs.  Third, you can occupy them quickly, then finish the interior as you have time.  And finally, they are built to last, leveraging the steel frame that makes up a strong shipping container meant to withstand stress.

Tour de Shipping Container Homes

See a larger home in Salt Lake City made out of shipping containers.  He uses two forty foot containers.  The house itself cost around $55,000 to build.  The lot and needed improvements cost over $60,000.  Once you see what they did, you’ll realize there’s a lot of value in this house!

Larger Shipping Container Homes

Better Homes and Gardens Builds A Shipping Container Home for Under $50K

This is an excellent documentary about how a guy took a large shipping container and made an excellent home for under $50k.  Created by Better Homes and Gardens, this is a quality documentary that will inspire you to create a similar space for you or others in need.



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